Raven plugins


Raven is a wow addon that displays various customizable bars (buffs, cooldowns, debuffs on target, on focus, ...). Visually you can configure, isolate, filter, finetune each and every bar. You can also make it look like an icon if you don’t like bars. More details on Raven core addon on the official project page.

Where Raven really shines is with its «Notifications» bars. Notification bars are bars that appear / disappear depending on user-defined conditions. Raven comes with a bunch of «official» notification bars like common buff reminders, pet reminders etc. An example of this is a «Seal missing» bar appearing for a paladin that would enter combat without any of the seal buffs active.

Now the idea here is to use those smart notifications to help with 4.0’s more dynamic gameplay cycles. Almost every class now has to monitor shortbuffs, cooldowns, target or self debuffs, procs and various other resources to get their spell rotation right. Visit class specific sections for more details.

Here you will find plugins for the Raven WoW addon. This is still under development, both the addon core and my plugins are likely to evolve once Cataclysm gets released.